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The little girl who lost love. I wasn’t abandoned by Mother, it was I who abandoned her

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spoiler alert: they all die in the end

My answer:



what is this a spoiler for ??


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"I am 17 years old already. How long will I be here? Or how many times must I see a child getting adopted before it’s my turn?"

"I am 17 years old already. How long will I be here? Or how many times must I see a child getting adopted before it’s my turn?"

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"I’m going to help you. That’s how I’ll atone for my actions towards your father. And I want to know the truth."

"Do what you want."

"Oh, I will."

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Is he a good Papa? Is she a good mama? 

                                                     Congratulations, Pachi 

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(So… I translated Maou’s speech from ep 6 of Ashita, Mama ga Inai :c)

"Hug your pillow to your chest.


What are you all afraid of? Society looking at you coldly? Because things might turn out like that, you reject him. That’s how it is, right? But aren’t you just thinking on the surface? Take the situation into your heart and think it over again. Is he, the person you know, really like that? A violent person, a horrible human being? Has he ever once treated any of you in that way?

Then why don’t you try to stick up for him?! If the world is looking at him with those eyes, why don’t you face the world and fight for him, saying that he’s not like that?! Why don’t you look at each and every one of them and try to get them to understand that they don’t know the first thing about him? You put a lid on the thing that stinks and say it has nothing to do with you. Is that really how you want to end it?

Adults I can understand. Among adults there are those whose values are fixed, who deny everything that’s unacceptable to them, who raise their voices and declare that they alone are right.

That’s because… they don’t have a cushion in their heart. Do you understand? If you become an adult like that, it’s over. You’ll be a monster who can’t even talk to anyone. But you all are children. There’s still time. Have compassion; place a cushion of acceptance into your heart.

It’s sad to say, but in this world, horrible events and terrible incidents occur that you’ll want to turn your eyes away from. But you mustn’t close the shutter and say that it has nothing to do with you, that you don’t want to get involved. Grit your teeth and accept it into your heart. You must think about what is horrible, what is sad, why things turn out this way.

Are you all pitiful? Are you really? What about the children who have both parents but live in an icy world where everyday there’s fighting? Will you coldly refuse them just because they should feel lucky to have both parents? There are kids who have it much worse. There are kids who can’t speak up no matter how much they want to tell someone. Do you all still want to think that you’re the most pitiful in the world?

No, right? You’re fed up, right? Of being thought of as pitiful by all those people looking down on you. What do they know about you? It’s the people who think others are pitiful who are pitiful themselves.

Don’t be a useless hypocrite. Don’t be a useless adult. Don’t be a useless human being.

Because you all have been in tough situations, doesn’t that mean you understand people’s pain all the more? When you’re lonely, you want someone close to you. Why don’t you try to do for others what you want done for yourself?!

If you all say that you can’t have a cushion in your heart, then no matter what great foster parents show up — even if your birth parents come to retrieve you — I won’t let you out of this house! I will not!

This is his notebook. He’s written about each and every one of you. Your allergies, what you like and don’t like, what’s important to you, when your birthday is, and what kind of kid you are.

I want each of you to take it in your hands and read it. And if, after that, you still want to drive him out, then so be it. He’ll probably leave… without saying a word.

Got it? I’ll say it once more. Place a cushion of acceptance into your heart.

Try to accept all of the dirtiness and ugliness that exists in the world without turning your eyes away from it. Because people who can do that are the ones who can know the world’s beauty and loveliness.

You all were not damaged. You were polished.

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